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On February 21 and 22, auditions will be held for Premium Taft, an original play to debut on the Mitchell Opera House stage in May of 2017.  Premium Taft is a slap-stick comedy, but will also include a reproduction of the 1908 speech given by William Howard Taft at the Mitchell Opera House during the presidential campaign of 1908.  The call outs will be looking for the right gentleman to play William Howard Taft along with 10 other adult characters and 11 youth characters.  Characters include the mayor and his wife, the newspaper man and his son the amateur actor, two con men coming into town for a swindle and two teen-age time-travelers.  Auditions will be held at Serenity Now, 2125 16th St, Bedford.  Audition for youths, age 7 to 19, will be held February 21 at 6:30p, auditions for adults will be held February 22 at 6:30p.  Visit the Mitchell Opera House website and Facebook page for updates. Contact Tom, , for more information.

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